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.Green Marble Laminate Plaque Board

Laminate plaque board - green marble finish.

They come in multiple sizes. They are 5/8 inch thick and have a keyhole on 2 sides.

They can be personalized with metal or plastic plates. The plates can be a single or double layer and can be engraved or sublimated with a full color image.

Personalization options include logos, images, clipart, and words.

We have plate materials in many different colors available in stock. Please specify in the instructions what your preferred colors are.

The price includes plates and engraving. Please contact us for pricing on blank plaques.

Depth: 5/8"
Color: Green
Material: Laminate board
Personalization: Words, clipart, logos, images

In order for us to provide you with the best result, please read the following.

  - include only the exact engraving you would like, other instructions should be in the next box
  - do not include quotation marks or other punctuation unless you would like them engraved
  - enter the information in the format desired, for example, "JOHN" or "John"
  - we do not engrave profanity or offensive words or images

Additional instructions:
   - here are some factors you may want to include
       - where would you like the engraving to be
       - do you want it small or large
       - do you want it subtle or bold
       - do you want some parts to be bolder, larger or smaller then the rest
  - if you would like any clipart or images, include that here
       - if you have a specific design in mind, email it to sales@zenithengraving
            - use your name as the email subject line

Font Preference:
   - you can pick from the fonts shown below
   - if you have a preferred font not listed, please enter that in the box

Date Required:
  - engraving can take from 1 day to a week to complete
  - please enter the date you need to pick it up
  - if there are any issues with time or availability we will contact you

Would you like a proof?
  - this can be sent to you by email or text
  - check your spam folder if you have not received an email with the proof within 4 days




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